Our History

From a small office in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Larson Engineering has expanded to include 11 offices in 8 states. Each office has its own story, but every office has grown for the same reason: dedication to meeting the client’s needs with innovative and cost-effective design. Our roots are in providing consulting engineering services to architectural and industrial clients. 1982 marked the beginning of Larson’s diversification in services with our entry into curtain wall engineering. We continue to expand our services to best serve our clients. Today, we are a trusted partner in each step of the design process. Larson’s structural, civil, process industrial, environmental, health & safety, oil & gas, mechanical, electrical and curtain wall engineers each have their own specialty. Whether it is the design of blast-resistant structures, slip formed silos or a biomass receiving and material handling system, we have the expertise to make your project a success. Our conscientious engineers guide clients toward the best solution for their unique needs. From the administrative assistant that answers your call, to the engineer assigned to your project and the accountant that sends the invoice – our whole team is made of employee-owners that are dedicated to client service.

Our Shield

Around the office, we refer to our logo as our “shield.” To a structural engineer, the design would look familiar. It is based on the reaction, shear and moment diagram of a fixed-end span. While we have grown from our roots in structural engineering to offer other services, the shield reminds us of where we came from. It highlights one of the first concepts that a structural engineer learns. It is also a symbol of protection and an engineer’s responsibility to design in the interest of public safety. We’re not just designing a storage tank, a building foundation, stormwater drainage or a curtain wall façade. It’s about how these spaces can best serve the people that need them.

Firm Values